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Orange Sweet Essential Oil – 5 Fold

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Definition: A “folded” essential oil is an essential oil that has been further distilled and concentrated from its already highly concentrated form. Citrus oils (like orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime, tangerine, blood-orange, mandarin, and bergamot) are the most commonly found in “folded” versions, and the most common “folds” are 5-fold and 10-fold.

Name:  Orange 5X, (five fold), USA
Species:  Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck, Bendel variety, fam. Rutaceae
Part:  Peel
Method:  Expressed
Country:  USA
Essential oils in sizes 30 ml or larger are not packed with dropper lids.

Définition : Une huile essentielle « pliée » est une huile essentielle qui a été distillée et concentrée à partir de sa forme déjà très concentrée. Les huiles d’agrumes (comme l’orange, le citron, le pamplemousse, la lime, la mandarine, l’orange sanguine, la mandarine et la bergamote) sont les plus couramment présentes dans les versions « pliées », et les « plis » les plus courants sont multipliés par cinq et 10.

Nom: Orange 5X, (five fold), Etats-Unis
Espèces: Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck, Bendel variety, fam. Rutaceae
Partie: Peel
Méthode: Exprimé
Pays: Etats-Unis

Les huiles essentielles de tailles de 30 ml ou plus ne sont pas emballées avec des couvercles de goutte.


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18 reviews for Orange Sweet Essential Oil – 5 Fold

  1. Tania

    This oil smells exactly like fresh squeezed oranges. I have made cp soap with this oil a few times and I really like it. It does discolour slightly because the oil is orange in colour.

  2. Guylaine

    Love love love this one. No too strong, not weak and great quality.

  3. Layne

    This is excellent. Worked very well in CP soap. I will buy a larger bottle next time.

  4. Janaia

    Smells divine, I definitely will be ordering again!

  5. Janaia

    Smells divine, I definitely will be ordering again!

  6. Lucille

    Sent vraiment très bonne. L’odeur reste assez longtemps dans les savons CP, si elle est bien ancrée.

  7. Darlene

    WOW this is so nice I use orange a lot mixes well with other sents love it

  8. Marlene

    This oil has such a wonderful scent – so fresh and so powerful! I used it in a morning cleanser and it has been wonderful on the skin as well as so refreshing in the morning.

  9. Gail

    Lovely, natural fragrance at a very affordable price.

  10. emily

    Such a wonderful smell! I’m sure to use this in all types of stuff.

  11. Brenda

    This is the first time I’ve used this scent for bar soap – and it will certainly not be the last! The juicy sweet aroma is so lively and vibrant – you think you’re smelling fresh fruit! I love it paired with Grapefruit Oil. Can hardly wait to use it in other applications!

  12. Jillian

    Love the smell of this oil. Used it in a cp soap with clove essential oil, maple syrup, and oatmeal. I would purchase again in a larger quantity for sure.

  13. Sharon

    Nice smell but thinner than some other oils. Needed more in my salve than I\’m used to. Very good price thou.

  14. Cath

    Love this EO!!! Makes my homemade body cream smell wonderful.

  15. Valerie

    This smells exactly like a freshly peeled orange! I make a HP soap with this EO and it sells out all the time. I had one customer say she studied “Olefactory Sense” and that my “Orange Sherbet” soap smelled very genuine, and she would know, the best she’s ever smelled in soap!

  16. Sarah-Anne

    Smells just like an orange… with lots of rind! It has an orange color, which surprised me. I guess I hadn’t thought about that.

  17. Cindy

    Strong sweet orange scent…I pefer this over the regular Orange, Sweet EO! Smells great, works good in CP soaps. A real nice EO.

  18. Nathalie

    wow ça sent très bon. la vraie orange. mais pas encore essayer

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