Potassium Hydroxide

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Potassium hydroxide, also known as potash, is an inorganic caustic base used for liquid soap making. We carry potassium hydroxide in a flake form which is easy to handle and recommended for most liquid soap making recipes.

The shelf life of potassium hydroxide is at least one year, if the product is stored properly, in its original container, in cool (<80 F), dry, place and exposure to moisture and sunlight is avoided.​​​​

Due to its dangerous goods classification, we only ship Potassium Hydroxide within Canada and by ground courier.  There is a $38.50 Dangerous Goods Charge applied to all orders.  This is per SHIPMENT not per piece.   Smaller sizes are exempt as they are considered limited quantity by Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations. IF YOU ARE PICKING UP YOUR ORDER AT OUR WAREHOUSE, WE WILL ISSUE A REFUND FOR THIS HAZMAT SERVICE CHARGE.

Veuillez noter que la lessive est emballée dans un contenant de 1 kg, puis placée dans un sac en plastique pour sceller. Le sac en plastique n’est PAS à l’intérieur du conteneur.

L’hydroxyde de potassium, également connu sous le nom de potasse, est une base caustique inorganique utilisée pour la fabrication de savon liquide. Nous portons de l’hydroxyde de potassium sous forme de flocon qui est facile à manipuler et recommandé pour la plupart des recettes de fabrication de savon liquide.

Notre hydroxyde de potassium est pur à 90%.

La durée de conservation de l’hydroxyde de potassium est d’au moins un an, si le produit est stocké correctement, dans son récipient d’origine, dans le sang frais (80 F), sec, lieu et l’exposition à l’humidité et à la lumière du soleil est évité.
En raison de sa classification des marchandises dangereuses, nous n’expédions que de l’hydroxyde de potassium au Canada et par courrier terrestre. Des frais de marchandises dangereuses de 38,50 $ sont appliqués à toutes les commandes. C’est par SHIPMENT pas par pièce. Les tailles plus petites sont exemptées car elles sont considérées comme étant limitées par le Règlement sur le transport des marchandises dangereuses. SI VOUS RÉPAREZ VOTRE COMMANDE À NOTRE ENTREPÔT, NOUS ÉMETTRONS UN REMBOURSEMENT POUR CES FRAIS DE SERVICE HAZMAT.

Ce produit ne peut pas être expédié par Postes Canada.  Ce produit ne peut pas être expédié en utilisant des méthodes d’expédition EXPRESS en raison de son statut hazmat.

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14 reviews for Potassium Hydroxide

  1. Stephanie

    Works good! So glad that you guys have this! Will buy again!

  2. Nadine

    Great product. I tried making my own KOH using hard-wood ash and rain water. But after boiling it down I couldn’t quite get the specific gravity where it should be for soap making. I added a small amount of KOH from Saffire Blue and the soap making project was a success.

  3. Greg

    This product is a good electrolyte for HHO systems.

  4. Iman

    very fast delivery. I am satisfied with quality and packaging. thanks

  5. Darlene

    best price, great packaging, shipping was a little slower than normal but was fully warned that it was going to be.

  6. Don

    This product works great for what I wanted it do. Shipping was as expected, in fact it was early. Thanks SB

  7. Stephanie

    All I have to say about this is HORRAY! Please don’t ever get rid of this!

  8. Krystal

    I use this for liquid hand soap and it is consistent and reliable!

  9. Jiannsang

    I was looking for Potation Hydroxide for my HHO Generator for a long while; first I tried to buy from a nearby GTA supplier; they sent me an email asked how much I want, then no further contact. I then tried to odrder from web sites and found many conmpany did not have license to ship it, and many USA suppliers will chaarge me more than US$120 for shipping. Then I Google searched “Potassium Hydroxide near GTA” and saw a forum that a kind person was giving a Toronto fellow a answer to buy Potasium Hydroxide from Saffire Blue site at lowest price and just cost $15,xx shipping. This is how I found Saffire Blue. I ordered five 1 kg bags from Saffire Blue using their Looming serice ($15.90); I received my order in one week!!! I highly recommand everyone to check out the http://www.saffireblue.ca site for Potassium Hydroxide and many other products. This is a company that we can trust. I have the best online shopping experience ever: accurate; lowest costs; fast; deliver your door; confirmation emails, worry free.

  10. Trevor

    Excellent Product! Does what it is intended to do and good value as well.

  11. Trevor

    Excellent Product! Does what it is intended to do and good value as well.

  12. Kyla

    I made my liquid soap paste with this and was surprised by how quickly it reached trace. It only took about 15 minutes rather than the 25 I was expecting.

  13. Colette

    Perfectly packaged. Looking forward to using it in a shaving soap and whipped soap.

  14. Brenda

    Great price. Packaged well. Large amount. I used for making Castile liquid soap. Very happy

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