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  • Push Up Tube Clear - 1 oz

Push Up Tube Clear – 1 oz

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Perfect for Lotion bars/sticks, solid perfumes, glitter sticks, herbal deodorant and much more.

To insure the optimum performance of these tubes, it is highly recommended that the temperatures of the ingredients poured in them be 125 degrees or less. Pouring with cooler temperatures, results in a better end product. These clear push-up tubes are ideal for lotion sticks, massage bars and solid perfume.


Case size: 520


  • Colour: Clear
  • Size: 1 oz
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions:
  • H = 2.187″
  • D = 1.25″


  • Colour: Clear
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions:
  • H = 1.125″
  • D = 1.25″

Shrink Bands for Push-up-Tubes:

  • Perforated Shrink Bands 38mm

    21 reviews for Push Up Tube Clear – 1 oz

    1. Julie

      These are very beautiful and my costumer love them. Although, I would like to have a tray (like the lipbalm tubes one) to help me pour the oils and butters without spilling.

    2. Chelsey

      For what they are they are great! You have to keep your finger underneath while rubbing the lotion on, but that prevents you from putting too much on. I love them! They also prevent you from having to handle the actual lotion, which always causes you to apply too much. I just wish they would have a bigger size. I’d prefer a 2 oz.

    3. Jan

      The most awesome hands-free delivery system for solid body butters etc. Every order I make includes a dozen+ of these tubes!

    4. Kristy

      I do believe these are the most fabulous little guys a girl could ask for, but I do agree with a few of the other clients that we wish they came in a bigger size as well.

    5. Melissa

      These are super cute! Wish they came in a larger size also.

    6. Darlene

      very nice, I like that you can just buy 1 if you like but at these prices why would you, friendly service, I recommend this site to everybody

    7. Diane

      very useful for lotion stick and deodorant. Great look

    8. Maria

      I got this for personal use, I make my own lotion bar. and now I put it in this push up tube. Just perfect! just ordered more!!

    9. pat

      Very cute look for my deodorant and solid perfume, will buy again.

    10. Laura

      Absolutely fantastic product! Visually appealing; makes my solid lotion bars stand out.

    11. Barry

      Used this for solid body butter lotion bar. Very attractive due to size and the fact you can see the product. Push up mechanism worked great. Got lots of likes from fans who use my products. Better than a deodorant tube as a dispenser from an aesthetic look.

    12. Heather

      I bought these because I was out of my 2oz and I couldn’t find a Canadian supplier that had them so bought the 1oz. They are perfect! I will never go back to the 2oz ones now! Thank you SB for carrying these! 🙂

    13. Dina

      Perfect little tube to put lotion bar in it, so you keep your hands clean and can carry in your purse.

    14. Sara

      These are a really great container! They are good for so many different things. My only nitpick is that the push mechanism is a little loose and slides down when you use the lotion or whatever is in side, but if you keep a finger on the bottom of the slider its no huge deal.

    15. Ange

      Easy to use, clean, and reuse. The one ounce size is perfect for small deodorant tubes and balms.

    16. Kate

      Great size for deodorant. Easy to fill and large enough for a label to be readable!! Note: You will need enough glide in your recipe for it to push up smoothly!

    17. Simera

      These push up tubes are great I use them for massage balms. I don’t like that the balm tends to slide down. The base isn’t very sturdy but I would still repurchase it.

    18. Tara

      great for making belly balms! Nice for keeping hands clean and applications smooth.

    19. Lisa

      This tube is the perfect size for my handcrafted rub-on perfumes! It is light in weight and small enough to carry in your purse! Just love them!

    20. Karen

      Purchased these tubes for deodorant, and they work perfect, easy to fill ,the lids screw on tight. Would buy again for sure.

    21. Natasha

      Used this for natural deodorant cream and it held well, however the oil seemed to leak (not sure if shrink band will help this). Also wish it wasn\’t so pricy 🙁

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