• Raspberry Lemonade Fragrance Oil

Raspberry Lemonade Fragrance Oil

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Phthalate Free – Bath & Body Safe

A wonderful sweet fruity fragrance of fresh picked raspberries, kissed with a tart lemony zing. A must have!

To review the IFRA Certificate of Compliance maximum suggested fragrance usage in finished products for this particular fragrance, please refer to the Fragrance IFRA Certificate found here: Raspberry Lemonade Fragrance Oil

Acceleration Yes
Flashpoint 65°
Suitable for Soap Yes
Suitable for Candles Yes
Suitable for Leave on Products Yes
Suitable for Rinse off Products Yes
Ricing None
Discolouration Beige
Vanilla Content 0





Sans phtalates – Bain et corps en toute sécurité

Un merveilleux parfum fruité et sucré de framboises fraîchement cueillies, embrassées avec un zingage citronné acidulé. Un must !

Pour consulter le certificat de conformité de l’IFRA, l’utilisation maximale suggérée dans les produits finis pour ce parfum particulier, veuillez vous référer au certificat de l’IFRA pour les parfums qui se trouve ici : Huile parfumée à la limonade et à la framboise

Veuillez consulter le graphique ci-dessus pour plus d’informations concernant le produit

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21 reviews for Raspberry Lemonade Fragrance Oil

  1. Bonnie

    Wonderful fragrance, will make great smelling soap for the summer

  2. Teresa

    Everyone I know LOVES this fragrance, especially kids. One customer said her daughter rubbed the Raspberry Lemonade bath bomb ALL OVER her body to make sure she could smell like it all day.

  3. Victoria

    My mom picked this soap up, sniffed it and said “Mmm raspberry!” with out my telling her what it was ahead of time. The ‘lemonade’ component makes this a light and bright raspberry scent. Worked great in CP soap.

  4. Brenda

    what to say about this fragrant it is like sitting on the front porch of your grandma and drinking raspberry lemonade on a hot day

  5. Pénélope

    Amazing smell just like the real thing, awesome product really.
    Fastest shipping ever, and brilliant customer service!

  6. Michelle

    Smells refreshing. Great scent for soap. Can’t wait to use it this summer.

  7. Heather

    Wonderful scent which I used in CP soap. Sold out quickly as people really liked the scent.

  8. Summer

    I will NEVER purchase this again. Accelerated so quickly, it became soap on a stick, and the smell was so chemical that it caused headaches and nausea for everyone in my household.

  9. Mistelle

    Nice light, fresh scent especially for candle making.

  10. Lisa

    This is my favourite scent that I ordered so far! You can actually smell the tangy lemon. The raspberry is not very strong to me but the overall scent is just incredible. I made bath bombs and I can’t stop sniffing them! I’m going to call them “pink lemonade” I highly recommend this scent!

  11. Cindy

    Such a summer scent. Another great FO, Saffire! Keep it up!

  12. Marlene

    This smells fantastic. A little goes a very long way and it blends very well with other fragrance oils. This one is a favourite among teenage girls of my clients.

  13. Gabriele

    I really love the scent of raspberry and lemon aid together it works very well in both soaps and bath bombs I will buy this definitely again.

  14. France

    Cette huile parfumée est un vrai régal. Senteur fraîche, fruitée, pétillante. Celle-ci ne contribue pas à faire accélérer le savon procédé à froid et retient bien sa fragrance. Un savon apprécié et aimé des membres de ma famille.

  15. France

    This is NOT for cold process soap… it just seized a very large batch of soap. :o( However, I absolutely adore the fragrance, and will purchase again to use in bath bombs and melt & pour soap.

  16. Kathie

    Beautiful scent for bath bombs. Both warm and tangy

  17. Tara

    This smells exactly as it says. I am so excited for this fragrance. Smells so yummy

  18. Heather

    One of my fave fragrance oils. You can smell the lemonade in there for sure but it is not overpowering, the raspberry helps with that. Its great for all year use.

  19. Renee

    I gave it two stars for the smell alone. It completely seized and accelerated my cold process soap, beware! I had soap on a stick, the worst behaving FO I’ve come across

  20. Susie

    My all time favourite scent! Smells exactly as described

  21. Karen

    Smells fantastic, but completely accelerated my CP soap batch and turned it into a lumpy pink mess in seconds. It’s a soap recipe I use all the time, and I’m disappointed at the waste of ingredients.

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