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Red Clay

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Red Clay is rich in iron oxide, which gives it a deep red colour.  It is highly absorbent and draws oils and toxins from the skin. This is the clay to use for moist, oily skin types. Red Clay has been used in treatment of acne and poison ivy/oak. For a colourant in soaps and lotions use at approx. 1Tbsp. per lb of soap/lotion.

Red Clay – the colour is due to the presence of ferrous and copper oxides, in particular Hematite. Ideal for cosmetics.

INCI: Kaolin (and) Illite (and) Red Iron Oxides

L’argile rouge est riche en oxyde de fer, ce qui lui donne une couleur rouge foncé. Il est très absorbant et attire les huiles et les toxines de la peau. C’est l’argile à utiliser pour les types de peau humide et grasse. L’argile rouge a été employée dans le traitement de l’acné et du lierre/chêne empoisonné. Pour un colorant dans les savons et les lotions utiliser à environ 1Chpsp. par lb de savon / lotion.

Argile rouge – la couleur est due à la présence d’oxydes de ferreux et de cuivre, en particulier l’hématite. Idéal pour les cosmétiques.

INCI: Kaolin (et) Oxydes de fer rouge (et)

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9 reviews for Red Clay

  1. James

    This is the first time I’d used a clay in my CP soap. The colour is beautiful and the scent is very nice and earthy. I’m looking forward to testing the product once the soap cures!

  2. Mary

    This makes a wonderful and softening addition to soaps. The colour is a mild light reddish tone.

  3. Amelie

    The Red Clay was great and it came red like on this picture but be aware that when it is mixed in with the soap, it turns a dark brown… It is still a nice natural colorant.

  4. Marlene

    Blends beautifully in cold process soaps! I love this as an additive to my bars as it blends completely smooth and it is excellent quality and price.

  5. James

    Love this clay in CP soap! It really give some value to a good soap recipe as it leaves your skin so soft! Perfect for facial soaps!

  6. Lise

    This clay is more a dark pink than a red,more a darker version of french pink clay. I haven’t had a chance to try it in soap to see if it will morph to a darker colour so I gave it a three star rating for now. But I will change it if it does turn to red in soap. I have seen soap made with red clay and the colour is much darker than this is so I will re-rate when I use it.

  7. Amber

    It doesn’t provide the amount of colour I expected in cp soap, but sufficiently rosey for my secret garden cp soap.

  8. Ange

    Great for adding color and slip to cp soap. Packaging is fantastic: easy grip, easy to store, no mess.

  9. rose

    Great product. Lovely soft, rose color. Great in my Facial Scrubs!

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