• Roman Chamomile Distillate Water

Roman Chamomile Distillate Water

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Roman Chamomile hydrosol can be used in toners, creams, lotions, body sprays, room sprays and in place of water in most formulations. The hydrosol will impart both fragrance and therapeutic benefits to your products. An anti-bacterial preservative will be needed to preserve your products that contain hydrosols.

Hydrosols are also wonderful when used as wetting agents in clay facials. Hydrosols are frequently used in place of water in creating facial toners and other skin care products. Excellent when used as a linen spray.

Hydrosols are the water that remains after producing an essential oil via steam or water distillation. As steam enlarges the cells of the plant material, the aromatic essence of the source is released into the vapour. As a result, these therapeutic distillates are infused with beneficial herbal properties and micro-molecules of essential oil.

Please note: Hydrosols are sometimes confused with floral waters, but floral waters are generally distilled waters that have then been scented with essential oils. Our high quality hydrosols are the water vapour collected while distilling essential oil directly from the source material. The aroma is much different than a “Floral water” and may often be considered grassy or herbaceous.

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5 reviews for Roman Chamomile Distillate Water

  1. Lubov

    Plese use natural preservatives and indicate expiry date. Smells good.

  2. Megan

    This Roman chamomile hydrosol smells so pretty. I expected something more herbal and green(based on my experience from another company) but this one smells floral and sweet. I can’t wait to try it in lotion!

  3. Adrienne

    Subtle characteristic fragrance of apples and straw and all the healing properties you’d want from high quality Roman Chamomile Distillate Water. I am really happy with this product!

  4. pat

    This product smells fresh, I use it instead of plain water for my facial moisturizer.

  5. Anastasiia

    Wonderful product! I love the smell of this water.

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