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  • Rose Floral Wax - Bulgarian

Rose Floral Wax – Bulgarian

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The essential wax of Rose flowers is primarily used in the treatment of skin that has been irritated or damaged because of stress, wind, cold or pollution. Rose Wax is protective and softening in its action on the skin, it has free radical-quenching and antioxidant activity as well as being a powerful moisturizer. Rose Wax is used in formulations for dry, damaged and sensitive skin. Rose Wax is also an excellent choice for purifying, detoxifying, combating aging and wrinkles; for skin or body care; and for all types of aromatherapy or perfume products.


La cire essentielle des fleurs de rose est principalement utilisée dans le traitement de la peau qui a été irritée ou endommagée en raison du stress, du vent, du froid ou de la pollution. La cire rose est protectrice et adoucissante dans son action sur la peau, elle a une activité libre radical et antioxydante ainsi que d’être une crème hydratante puissante. La cire de rose est utilisée dans les formulations pour les peaux sèches, endommagées et sensibles. La cire rose est également un excellent choix pour purifier, détoxifier, combattre le vieillissement et les rides; pour les soins de la peau ou du corps; et pour tous les types d’aromathérapie ou de produits de parfum.

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11 reviews for Rose Floral Wax – Bulgarian

  1. Adrienne

    This smells so good and is a great addition to hair care products!

  2. Margo

    Absolutely gorgeous. Makes using the finest scent in the world, an affordable option
    Thank you for making this available

  3. Sola

    The fragrance is absolutely divine, a little goes a long way and the price is great.

  4. Cari

    Smells amazing – wish I had ordered a larger amount

  5. Nathalie

    Merveilleuse et sublime cette cire de rose !
    J’en ai essayé d’autres et elle ne sont pas comparable.
    Cette cire est mon coup de cœur
    Nathaly du Québec

  6. Brenda

    Amazing. Smells define. Wish I could order a lot more. Love it

  7. Annie

    I’m not a fan of roses perfume for myself. But this wax’s perfume is just fine!!

  8. Brenda

    This smells amazing. Came in a great container. Very happy. Worked for hair treatment recipe Will buy larger quantity next time . Pleased

  9. Danix

    Absolutely Devine! Best floral wax among all available here. Will order more when I finished using the 20g I got.

  10. Allison A

    I bought this ingredient for a special person in my life whose favourite scent is rose, and I intend to use it in some lip balms for her–I know she will be delighted with the product.

  11. Therese

    I can’t be any happier with my purchase, what a beautiful scent. My house smells like a garden of roses, I’m excited to use this in a lotion or body butter.

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