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Scoops 0.15 cc

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Our 0.15 cc plastic scoops are extremely handy when measuring out raw ingredients in small increments. Perfect for oxides, ultramarines, micas, for measuring all your dry ingredients and so much more


  • Colour: White
  • Size: 0.15cc
  • Material: Polystyrene
  • 3.5″ Long


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3 reviews for Scoops 0.15 cc

  1. Kyla

    Very nice tiny scoops. Perfect for measuring out small amounts of mica or oxides when making small batches.

  2. Candice

    perfect for measuring out when doing smaller batches. Glad to have found these.

  3. Linda

    This scoops are the perfect size for making an assortment of mineral make-up products. I host workshops and these are perfect for making individual make-up products. Thank you!

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