• Shrink Bands for Oval Lip Balms - Side Perforation

Shrink Bands for Oval Lip Balms

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Dimensions: 30mm x 70mm

Fits Oval Lip Balm Tubes

HEAT must be added for the shrink band to adhere to your product.

Click here to view How to Apply and Remove Shrink Bands

No choice of perforation. Shrink bands may be side perforated or top perforated.



Dimensions: 30mm x 70mm

S’adapte aux tubes ovales de baume à lèvres

HEAT doit être ajouté pour que la bande de rétrécissement adhère à votre produit.

Cliquez ici pour voir comment appliquer et supprimer les bandes de rétrécissement

Pas le choix de perforation. Les bandes de rétrécissement peuvent être perforées latéralement ou perforées par le dessus.

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4 reviews for Shrink Bands for Oval Lip Balms

  1. Shannon

    Thrilled to have these available. Make finished product safer AND look professional. Reasonable price point. Easy to use.

  2. Crystal

    These are great for the oval lip balm tubes. It will give your product a professional look. They go on easy and shrink with a heat gun in seconds!

  3. Shannon

    Really easy to use. Elevates the look of the final product by having it “tamper-proofed”–adds to the professional image. Reasonable price point.

  4. Crysta

    Shrink banding has to be my new favorite thing! I love finishing my lip balms with these. Easy to do and really finalizes the product!

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