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SoapMaker 3 Professional Edition


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Join the thousands of satisfied users who depend on SoapMaker for their business or hobby in over 60 countries worldwide.

Download Version – After your order has processed, we will send you an e-mail with a Coupon Code and Link to Redeem Your Coupon and Download the SoapMaker 3 Pro Software.

SoapMaker Purchase Refund Policy

Under normal circumstances, we do not offer refunds since there is no way for you to ‘return’ the downloaded program or your license code. Before purchasing, you can evaluate the features available by downloading the SoapMaker FREE edition.

Control Costs and Increase Your Profits

  • Predict soap qualities before manufacture
  • Compare recipes for cost and qualities
  • See what supplies you need for planned production
  • See individual product cost and profit margin
  • SoapMaker can soon pay for itself!

Let Soapmaker Handle Routine Jobs

  • Organize all your recipes
  • Resize recipes to fit different molds
  • Special calculators for liquid and cream soaps
  • Track your inventory of supplies and products
  • Warnings of low stock and ingredients past expiry date
  • Produce Customer Invoices from sales registers
  • Track supply lots used for each product batch
  • Help with tax returns, including sales tax credits

In addition to soaps made with lye, you can use SoapMaker for melt-and-pour soap, and non-soap products like lotions, balms, candles, etc.

SoapMaker requires the full Windows operating system with support for legacy apps. (Note: Windows-RT and Windows S-mode do not support legacy apps like SoapMaker.)

You can run SoapMaker on a Windows tablet if it meets this requirement. You may want to consider adding a mouse and keyboard.

iPad and Android tablets, and Chromebook computers are not compatible with SoapMaker. But you can access SoapMaker on your PC from your tablet using software such as realVNC.

Mac users can run Windows on their mac using a solution such as:

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are running in the Windows environment before downloading SoapMaker, or it may not install correctly.

Many Mac users have purchased a cheap Windows computer just to run SoapMaker.

Available in English Only.  All sales final.  No refunds allowed.

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  1. Julia

    I recommand this fantastic software to everyone interested in becoming a professional soap or cosmetics maker! It’s affordable, user-friendly and very instructive! It made my life so much easier, thank you, Saffire Blue

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