• Dried Sweetgrass Hierochloe on the wooden spoon. Macro photo.

Sweet Grass Fragrance Oil

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Phthalate Free – Bath & Body Safe

Sweet Grass is a sacred herb often used by Native Americans in smudge ceremonies and to purify. This hypnotic fragrance oil captures the scent perfectly, giving feelings of a fall meadow at your nose.

To review the IFRA Certificate of Compliance maximum suggested fragrance usage in finished products for this particular fragrance, please refer to the Fragrance IFRA Certificate found here: Sweet Grass Fragrance Oil

Acceleration None
Flashpoint 102°
Suitable for Soap Yes
Suitable for Candles Yes
Suitable for Leave on Products Yes
Suitable for Rinse off Products Yes
Ricing None
Discolouration Yellow
Vanilla Content 0
Accélération Aucun
Point de rupture 102°
Convient pour le savon Oui
Convient aux bougies Oui
Convient pour le congé sur les produits Oui
Convient pour Rincer les produits Oui
Ricing Aucun
Décoloration Jaune
Contenu vanille 0
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26 reviews for Sweet Grass Fragrance Oil

  1. Monica

    Not a freshly mown grass scent – a bit more musky and earthy. One of the favourites on my list of man-soap scents. No acceleration noted.

  2. Allan

    I use this fragrance in a variety of products – excellent natural fragrance at the right price

  3. Deborah

    I have tried several Sweet Grass Fragrance Oils from other suppliers. They were nice but this one smells the most like the real thing. Just got it and cant wait to use it. Will definitely order larger size next time.

  4. Robin

    I was not expecting to enjoy this scent and never would have purchased if not for a friend requesting it. But holy wow x 100!
    Absolutely gorgeous … super clean smelling with a hint of sweetness and subtle herbs.
    It truly is as described, like walking through a morning meadow… I love, love this…. and will add it to my list of favourites!!

  5. Doreen

    Awesome scent….have tried others but this is the best by far…another winner…Thanks Saffire Blue

  6. Doreen

    Another winner Saffire Blue!! Love this Sweet Grass…by far the best !!

  7. April

    I have tried several different fragrances labeled “Sweet Grass” searching for a true sweet grass scent. The fragrance I purchased from Saffire Blue has been the closest to a “true” smell. I am extremely pleased!!

  8. Margaret

    a sweet, light, fresh fragrance that holds well in my bath products.

  9. Kelly

    Lovely light scent, but still holds really well in CP soap

  10. Sandi

    This is the closest I have been able to find to the real thing. Please don’t stop making it.

  11. Susan

    I have bought this FO many times and never tire of the scent…..it is so fresh and clean. It holds very well in CP soap too.

  12. Jerry

    One of best sellers in our cold process soap! Customers love how it smells like real sweet grass.

  13. Susan

    This is a lovely scent. It holds up very very well in CP soap. I have bought this several times and love it more each time. Please don’t change it.

  14. Liisa

    I Love this Fragrant Oil. Has the sweet essence of sweet grass down to a science. I only wish I bought a bigger bottle.

  15. Sarah

    Not a very strong smell but when added with a Cucumber FO in CP soaps it gave it almost a Bamboo scent.
    Did not excelorate trace

  16. Danielle

    very pleasant aroma, sticks well in CP, light acceleration but manageable.

  17. Margo

    In bottle this smells very nice. Complicated. Have not used in formulation yet so cannot speak to potency

  18. Selena

    I had a customer request for this. Nice crisp smell and CP soaped beautifully. Great price as well.

  19. Stephanie

    This oil smelled really good, not to strong and overpowering and works well in a variety of my products. I will be buying this again

  20. Amy

    I was always used to smelling burning sweet grass, which I love, but this is even better than that. Clean, familiar and calming.

  21. Debra

    This is the first time to order sweet Grass FO. I can’t wait to use it in a cp either in a blend or alone. Haven’t decided yet, but I’m sure it will be amazing.

  22. Colette

    I was given a gift of some braided sweet grass and loved the delicate earthy scent. The FO oil I purchased from you was so amazingly like the scent of the grass. I am delighted with it and looking forward to adding it to soap to gift back to the person who inspired it.

  23. Louise

    I just received my order from Sapphire and was delighted with this Sweet Grass. I had previously ordered another Sweet Grass fo from a good supplier and it smelled nothing like the real deal. I grow sweet grass in my yard and this is the nicest representation of this soothing, delicious scent that I have come across. I\’m going to give it a whirl in cp soap and some other products.

  24. Louise

    Further to my earlier review, I have tried this in cp soap with outstanding results. It does move quickly but I was prepared and the scent is not overbearing yet really sticks after months of curing.

    If you are familiar with the wonderful, fresh scent of sweet grass, this fo is a really good imitation. I recently gave a selection of soap as a gift to a group of young adults in Northern Ontario, and some of the Aboriginal young men loved the sweet grass. As this is a sacred herb to them, I will take that as positive feedback 🙂

  25. Cierra

    I love this fragrance oil! It’s a great price and lovely sweetgrass smell coming from a Native American woman. I did find it sped up my cold process soap setting a touch but it was manageable. I added bits of sweetgrass to my soap as well! Turned out great.

  26. Robin


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