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Tallow is rendered beef or other bovine fat, processed from suet. (Rendered fat obtained from pigs is known as lard.) Tallow can be stored for extended periods without the need for refrigeration to prevent decomposition, provided it is kept in an airtight container to prevent oxidation. Tallow can be used in any proportions in soaps, and can easily be blended with any vegetable oils.

Common Uses of Tallow

  • Soap Making

Benefits of Tallow

  • Tallow is incredibly moisturizing and it creates great lather.

Our tallow is BHA and BHT free.

Extraction Method: Solvent
SAP NaOH: 0.1390
SAP KOH: 0.2115



Le suif est rendu du bœuf ou d’autres matières grasses bovines, transformés à partir de suif. (La graisse rendue obtenue à partir de porcs est connue sous le nom de saindoux.) Le suif peut être entreposé pendant de longues périodes sans avoir besoin de réfrigération pour prévenir la décomposition, à condition qu’il soit conservé dans un contenant hermétique pour prévenir l’oxydation. Le suif peut être utilisé dans n’importe quelle proportion dans les savons, et peut facilement être mélangé avec n’importe quelle huile végétale.

Utilisations courantes du suif

  • Fabrication de savon

Avantages de Tallow

  • Le suif est incroyablement hydratant et il crée une grande mousse.


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13 reviews for Tallow

  1. Tania

    I bought this because my husband requested that I make him cp soap with this oil. He loved it, I loved it. It makes a very nice soap. Will definitely buy this again!

  2. Lisa

    …was surprised by the amount in the container – will go a long way 🙂

  3. Nicole

    Recommend scenting with an E.O or fragrance oil, as it does have a bit of an animal-y scent. OTher than that, it’s a fabulous moisturizer.

  4. Jennifer

    Even better than I was expecting, and I was already looking forward to this wonderful product a lot! I was relieve about the low scent and it was so easy to use! It leaves my products just the way I like!

  5. Diane

    Perfect, fresh tallow that smells good not rancid, hight quality, very satisfied

  6. Carrie

    A simple and old fashioned (and sustainable) fat. Tallow lends itself well to making fantastic shaving soap. Do as your grandma did and incorporate a bit of tallow into your soap…it’s definitely worthwhile.

  7. Michelle

    Perfect texture and colour with no bad odours. Very pleased.

  8. Martine

    I made a all purpose cream with this excellent product and my client are very very very satisfied. The cream is soft and moisturizing. Thank you SaffireBlue!

  9. Sarah

    Essentially odourless, first time buying this product and would buy again

  10. Sarah-Anne

    Came in a handy little pail. I plan to use it in soap. It doesn’t have much of a smell, which is perfect!

  11. Virginia

    So far I have tried my tallow in a body balm. Near the end of winter in canada we get so dried out and this works awesome. Last night my feet were white with dry skin and this morning there is no dry skin in sight.

  12. Robin

    The tallow quality looks wonderful. Pure white, minimal odour. Haven’t used it et for soap making but am looking forward to it. The only issue I have is that I ordered 3 jg nd it arrived in three separate pouches rather than in a small tub which would have been preferred.

  13. Jenny

    At first I was a little skeptic but this tallow makes my lotions and deodorant so smooth! It is not greasy at all- goes on smoothly, my skin just soaks it right up-I will be getting more to get ready for winter months:)) excellent product.

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