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Tea Bags 5″ x 3.75″ – Large

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These heat and seal tea bags are absolutely perfect for bathing herbs, bath salts, sachets, botanicals, simmering potpourri and many other applications. The paper is oxygen bleached and super easy to seal with a hot iron.

Size: 5″ x 3.75″

Case size: 1000 pieces


Ces sachets de thé de chaleur et de phoque sont absolument parfaits pour se baigner des herbes, des sels de bain, des sachets, des plantes, des pot-pourris frémissants et de nombreuses autres applications. Le papier est blanchi à l’oxygène et super facile à sceller avec un fer chaud.

Taille: 5″ x 3.75″

Taille du boîtier : 1000 pièces

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8 reviews for Tea Bags 5″ x 3.75″ – Large

  1. Lina

    Facile à utiliser et conviens aisément à différentes utilisation, tel que tea tub, potpourri, mes clientes ont aussi appréciées. Aussi, excellent service de livraison. Merci.

  2. Ruth

    These are awesome – a great size and really easy to use. The mind boggles at what you can fill them with.

  3. Jessica

    Very happy with these Tea Bags! Far superior seal and durability than other products from different companies I have used in the past.

  4. Bev

    I love these! They seal fabulously & hold in all the great stuff inside! 🙂

  5. Ruth

    Really good product. Good size, easy to seal and seal holds perfectly in water.

  6. Darlene

    Giving you 4 stars for my little tea bags and 1 star for the wrinkled large bags. Easy does it Saffire Blue packers, there are people using these products for pretty soaps. My little ones are for infusing oils so the wrinkles don\’t matter. The larger ones for packaging soap…too wrinkled. 🙁 I will also use them to infuse oil.

  7. Danika

    Looking forward to using theses for the first time but the packaged arrived with no instructions or exterior package for this item?

  8. Charline

    I use these for many different things but my favorite is foaming bath tea. The tea bag doesn’t allow powder through untill bath time while muslin bags need to have a bagie in them.

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