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Tussah Noil Silk Fibre

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Add a touch of elegance to your luxury hand made soap with the addition of Tussah silk fibre. Tussah silk fibre adds a silky, luxurious, rich texture to the lather.

To use silk in soap, dissolve a pinch or no more than one gram of silk for a kilogram of oils in your lye and water solution. It won’t dissolve at once so you may have to leave it to sit for a while. Give a final stir then use as you normally would.

Tussah silk noil is a by-product during and after silk sliver production. Their silk is gathered after the moth emerges. This is the raw fibre, just as it’s un-ravelled from silk cocoons; it’s not yarn and it’s not fabric. Its’ naturally a tan colour, but won’t discolour your soaps. It also has no odour in finished soap.

9 reviews for Tussah Noil Silk Fibre

  1. Doreen

    Just purchased this a while ago and make my first batch of soap with it…what an amazing difference !! The soap is silkier, creamier….for sure a huge difference!! My customers love it…this is going in our entire soap line now! LOVE IT!!

  2. Simona Laura

    Excellent product! You don’t need a lot,just a pinch and you’ll have the most luxurious soap.

  3. Peggy

    I noticed a big difference in my cold and hot process soaps when I added this silk. It really does add a touch of luxury to the finished bars. A little goes a long way.

  4. Elisabeth

    Made my first soap using Tussah Silk Fibre, I can really tell the difference, I’ll be using it for all my soaps from now on!! I’m very happy with the product

  5. Tina

    Talk about an invaluable addition to your cold processed soaps! Saffire Blue’s Tussah Noil Silk Fibre is not only a great price, but the ease of use and positive attributes it creates in my cold processed soap has definitely been a great experience.

  6. Darlene

    like it alot mostly the price needs to go into the lye water rigth away as it does take some time to melt.

  7. Cathrine

    Made my first cp soap with added silk and wow,what a difference…smooth,and creamy lather,very luxurious! I will be using this in all my soaps from now on,adds a feeling of luxury like nothing else!

  8. Maria

    The Tussah Noil Silk Fibre is such perfect for all my soaping needs. A little is all you need.

  9. Natalie

    This is just so nice added to the hot lye water in CP soap. The lather of the finished soap is silkier and even shinier than without – it feels luxurious. And as strange as it may sound, I love the smell of the lye water with the silk mixed in!

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