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Vanilla Stabilizer

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Vanilla Stabilizer helps keep your soaps (Cold Process & Melt & Pour) from turning brown when using fragrance oil that contain Vanilla. Now you can make beautiful vibrant coloured soaps and swirls with your favorite vanilla scents!


Add equal amounts of Vanilla Stabilizer to your fragrance oil (1 oz fragrance oil = 1 oz of Vanilla Stabilizer).

Vanilla Stabilizer is not oil soluble so it will look as if it is not mixing with the fragrance oil. This is normal. Vanilla Stabilizer has a strong chemical odor out of the bottle but will not affect the fragrance of the finished product.

INCI Name: Parfum

*Given that fragrance oils are formulated using different components, testing is recommended as Vanilla Stabilizer may not work in all vanilla based fragrances.




Le stabilisateur de vanille aide à empêcher vos savons (processus froid et fonte et versez) de brunir lors de l’utilisation de parfums à la vanille. Maintenant, vous pouvez faire de beaux savons et tourbillons colorés vibrants avec vos parfums de vanille préférés!


Ajoutez des quantités égales de stabilisateur de vanille à votre huile de parfum (1 oz d’huile de parfum – 1 oz de stabilisateur de vanille).

Vanilla Stabilizer n’est pas soluble dans l’huile, donc il aura l’air comme si elle n’est pas mélanger avec l’huile de parfum. C’est normal. Vanilla Stabilizer a une forte odeur chimique de la bouteille, mais n’affectera pas le parfum du produit fini.

Nom DE l’INCI: Parfum

Étant donné que les huiles de parfum sont formulées à l’aide de différents composants, l’essai est recommandé car le stabilisateur de vanille peut ne pas fonctionner dans tous les parfums à base de vanille.



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5 reviews for Vanilla Stabilizer

  1. Stephanie

    This is an absolute LIFE SAVER! I’m so glad that Saffire Blue carries this product. Helps my soaps keep their colour, and not turn an ugly brown. Love love love this product!

  2. Emma

    I use this in all of my Melt and Pour soap! It works just as its supposed to, and keeps your soap from turning brown! I would definitely recommend purchasing some of this!

  3. Heather

    I had never used stabilizer like this before, the other ones were always thick and I had to use a LOT. This one however I use way less! I love it. Bought a 1L about 5 months ago and still have some left. I use it in MP soap! Love it!

  4. Monica

    I used this in a batch with the Sugar Rush fragrance over 2 weeks ago and no visible discoloration yet! Love it 🙂

  5. ANA

    this stuff is great! my cp soap frosting came out perfectly white,exactly what i needed. The smell is super strong – as they stated BUT you cant smell it in finished product- great stuff

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