• White Kaolin Clay

White Kaolin Clay

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This pure, white, natural clay offers adhesion to your cosmetic products. Use in eyeshadow, foundations, lipsticks and blushes. Also absorbs oil, so great for oily skin.

Country of Origin: France

Not a Colour Additive.

Uses:  Use to improve adhesion and oil absorption
Particle Size:  Not Available
Ingredients: Kaolin Clay 1332-58-7

Warnings:  Wash hands after handling, do not breathe dust

INCI: Kaolinite (White Clay)



Cette argile naturelle, blanche et pure, offre une adhérence à vos produits cosmétiques. Elle peut être utilisée dans les fards à paupières, les fonds de teint, les rouges à lèvres et les fards à joues. Elle absorbe également l’huile, ce qui est idéal pour les peaux grasses.

Pays d’origine : France

Pas un additif de couleur.

Utilisations :  Utilisé pour améliorer l’adhérence et l’absorption d’huile
Taille des particules :  Non disponible
Ingrédients : Argile de kaolin 1332-58-7

Avertissements :  Se laver les mains après manipulation, ne pas respirer la poussière

INCI : Kaolinite (argile blanche)

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11 reviews for White Kaolin Clay

  1. Breanna

    I love this stuff and there are so many uses for it

  2. Victoria

    Wasn’t sure how much 250 grams was in volume, but I got lots looks like at least 1 1/2 cups

  3. Alicia

    Love kaolin clay! I try to use it as much as I can, but a little goes a long way! Too much kaolin makes my soaps crack!

  4. Sarah

    Good quality and good price. After using Kaolin Clay in my CP soaps once, I think I will from now on. Gives a nice slick feel on my skin. I never use more than 2 tsp per batch. My batches are usually 30-50 oz

  5. Sarah

    I love using this product in my CP soaps. It gives the soap a nice soft smooth feeling on my skin. Also, mixing this with other clay’s and ingredients makes a good mask

  6. Danielle

    Love this clay, i love working with this clay, it’s wonderful to use in both soaps and other bath products, would definitely recommend this product. And most definitely will be buying more!

  7. Miranda

    I love to use kaolin clay in my shave soaps, so it was nice to see it offered at such a great price here.

  8. jill

    No issue with this clay. Packaging makes it easy to remove the clay without creating excessive dust. I\’ve used this in several soap recipes and it has worked just as I wished it too. I would buy this again.

  9. Julie

    Pure and wonderful to work with. I use it in clay masks for sensitive skin.

  10. Victoria

    i love using this in my shaving cream recipes, gives great slip

  11. Debra

    I use it in my bubble bars and bath bombs , it leaves a silky feel to them .

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