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White Treatment Pump 24-410

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The White Treatment Pump is designed to look like a finger tip fine mist sprayer. However, it dispenses product in a stream as opposed to a mist. It is made of white plastic and has a 7 inch dip tube. It also has a removable clear protective cap.


  • Colour: White
  • Size: 24-410
  • Material: PP
  • Neck finish: 24-410

La pompe de traitement blanche est conçue pour ressembler à un pulvérisateur à pointe de doigt. Cependant, il distribue le produit dans un cours d’eau plutôt qu’un brouillard. Il est en plastique blanc et a un tube de plongée de 7 pouces. Il est également muni d’un capuchon de protection transparent amovible.

Spécifications :

Couleur : blanc
Taille : 24-410
Matière : PP
Finition à cou : 24-410

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1 review for White Treatment Pump 24-410

  1. Deborah

    I use the silver pumps for the smaller size and like them a lot. When I ordered larger bottles the silver treatment pumps did not seem available for those. I ordered the white treatment pumps instead. When I received them I found that I liked the look of these pumps even more than the silver ones. They offer a purer look, softer with a more understated class. As for the pumps themselves they too are very affordable and much more sturdy than high end skin products that use treatment pumps as a dispenser. These while treatment pumps reminded me of some pumps I have seen on Estee Lauder products, which look very classy in my opinion. Everything I have purchased at Saffire Blue offers a very high end quality.

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