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Wooden Soap Dish – Pine

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Each dish has been cut in a manner that allows water to drain completely through the dish and away from your soap. The dish is naturally coloured with no stains or preservatives to compete with the colours of your soaps. If you so desire, you can easily stain them to suit your colour requirements.

Measures: 4 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ x 3/4″

Made In Canada

Chaque plat a été coupé d’une manière qui permet à l’eau de s’écouler complètement à travers le plat et loin de votre savon. Le plat est naturellement coloré sans taches ni agents de conservation pour rivaliser avec les couleurs de vos savons. Si vous le désirez, vous pouvez facilement les tacher en fonction de vos exigences de couleur.

Mesures: 4 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ x 3/4″

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30 reviews for Wooden Soap Dish – Pine

  1. Stephanie

    It is a nice dish! Drains well but will stain after time.

  2. Barb

    These soap dishes are absolutely PERFECT!! They are beautifully crafted, lovely to look at, suit any decor and are a great size for a large or smaller bar of soap……and, THEY’RE MADE IN CANADA!!!!

  3. Guylaine

    I love to add a fancy touch to my gift packaging. These Soap Dish are easy to stamp, tint and really cheap. I kept one for myself 🙂

  4. Christine

    These are great! They up the value of your baskets, and customers love them too..! Plus they are priced right 🙂

  5. Judie

    Nice, simple and just what I was looking for. Reasonably priced for resale.

  6. Elisabeth

    Just what I’ve been looking for, will be buying more in the near future!!

  7. Diane

    Great affordable item! I used these in gift giving and displayed a soap on the dish and wrapped in a bow! Wonderful hostess gift. Will buy again.

  8. Rachael

    I LOVE these! I love the rustic look of these soap dishes and they work perfectly for draining the soap!I recommend one for everyone!

  9. Julia

    Cute little soap dish, goes perfectly with my bathroom! Very inexpensive product!

  10. Lynn

    Cute. They’ll need a bit of sanding before I put them into the craft show, but I think they’ll finish up beautifully with some Tung Oil. And you really can’t beat the price!

  11. Andrea

    Good quality for a reasonable price…just the thing to display your handmade soap!

  12. Alyson

    My package arrived today. These dishes will look great paired with some special soap for valentines day or mother’s day. I like the price point.

  13. Layne

    Well crafted from decent material. Will be buying more in the future

  14. Deborah

    I love that these come in an unfinished pine so I can customize that myself!

  15. Karly

    Great price, useful for pairing with handmade soap.

  16. Chantel

    These are great!! Cost is right, they look pretty with a handmade bar of soap sitting on top of it and make a great gift or for personal use. The slots at the bottom allow the water to drain from your soap, so that it lasts longer!

  17. Susan

    I like these soap dishes. So much nicer than a blah-looking plastic dish. I think they will look lovely in a gift basket. I’ll probably stain them with a water-proof wood stain.

  18. Tim

    Love this wooden soap dish. We sell them to accompany our cold-processed soaps. Keeps them out of a puddle so the soap lasts longer.

  19. Kim

    Ces petits supports sont super pour faire sécher les savons, j’aurais du en commander plus:)

  20. Lori

    I luv these! They are perfect size for a standard bar of soap they are solid too and heavy. For the price it’s a great product. My customers luv em too! If you’re selling soap you have to have these on hand for your clients you don’t want to have them buy soap only for them to come back and say it’s mushy. You have to educate your customers that these wood soap dishes are vital on keeping their soap dry after each use ! They are perfect as an addition to a gift pack!

  21. Krystal

    Great value and awesome addition to gift baskets. Work great to dry soap between uses.

  22. Janet

    A great price point and an excellent addition to Christmas gift packs with a bar or soap.

  23. Krystal

    These are a favorite with customers. Pine has natural bacteria-fighting properties, and these will help soap dry out faster so you get more use out of it. A simple and brilliant product!

  24. Judith

    Quite nice, although they don’t prevent natural soap from gelling 100%, they still work quite well.

  25. Caro

    These pine soap dishes have super-rustic appeal. Perfect addition to handmade soap gift bundles!

  26. Amber

    I love these. Simple & effective for draining soap.

  27. Cath

    For the price this soap dish its a great deal. I bought 6 of them for Xmas gifts with my homemade soap and I wish I would have bought more.

  28. Jackie

    I love these little soap dishes – they’re easy to rinse clean with hot water and keep my soaps nice and dry.

  29. christa

    This is a great soap dish. I love that it comes natural – I love natural wood – or you can sand it and stain it however you like.

  30. Natasha

    Don\’t really see this making the soap last longer, however it seems like it\’s made of nice wood and fits in the soap dish.

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