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Yellow Clay

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Yellow Kaolin Clay is a mild clay, which can be used on most sensitive skin types and is believed to stimulate blood circulation while gently exfoliating and cleansing the skin. This clay is also used to draw out impurities helping to reduce blemishes and maintain a healthy appearance. Because of its mild nature, it will not excessively remove natural oils, and can therefore be used on most skin types. Is often used as a colourant in soaps and lotions, body powders, masks and creams.

Yellow clay – the colour is due to the presence of ferric ions and ferric oxides, in particular Siderite. Ideal for cosmetics.

INCI: Kaolin (and) Illite



L’argile jaune de Kaolin est une argile douce, qui peut être employée sur les types de peau les plus sensibles et est censée stimuler la circulation sanguine tout en exfoliant doucement et nettoyant la peau. Cette argile est également utilisée pour attirer des impuretés aidant à réduire les imperfections et à maintenir un aspect sain. En raison de sa nature douce, il n’enlèvera pas excessivement les huiles naturelles, et peut donc être employé sur la plupart des types de peau. Est souvent utilisé comme colorant dans les savons et les lotions, poudres pour le corps, masques et crèmes.

Argile jaune – la couleur est due à la présence d’ions ferriques et d’oxydes de fer, en particulier Siderite. Idéal pour les cosmétiques.

INCI: Kaolin (et) Illite



7 reviews for Yellow Clay

  1. Rose

    Very pleased. Mixed with some jojoba oil and then added to my melt and pour soap and was pleased with the color. Prefer to colour my products naturally and this was a good choice.

  2. LeeAnn

    No complaints. Can’t wait to use in my soap. I also think it would be a good additive to bath bombs.


    Vraiment pas chère pour beaucoups j’ai hâte d’utlisé le produit merci

  4. karen

    Hello there, I havent used the clay as of yet however i was impressed by the packaging of the product, the price and the speed of delivery…thankyou

  5. Vicki

    I purchased this product unsure of what to expect. I must say my first impression of this product is wonderful. I put it directly on my skin and rubbed it in (I am going to add this to creams/cosmetics) and I love it. It blended into my skin better than the white clay which is also a great product. I will be repurchasing this again.

  6. Marlene

    This is a great clay when added to cold process soaps. It blends very smoothly and adds a nice thickening texture to the bars.

  7. Janine

    Picture is misleading… this clay does not have the appearance of “yellow” colour as pictured above. Did not show up in my CP soap.

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