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Zinc Oxide – USP

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Non-micronized Zinc Oxide is an inert non-organic product, insoluble in either oil or water, but rather will remain in suspension for long periods, however it will always, eventually ‘settle out’. Often used as a sunscreen and as a colourant in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Use at 1% to 5% in lotions etc.

The Zinc Oxide USP has a particle size of >99.99% passing through a 325 mesh sieve (44 microns). That means that more than 99.99 % of the particles will be smaller than 44 microns.

Zinc Oxide is used in cosmetics, as a pigment and a bulking agent (filler.) Commonly used in bath soaps, baby powders, diaper rash creams, baby lotions, ointments for burns, calamine lotion and mineral makeup applications. Zinc oxide soothes, protects and helps heal skin. Zinc Oxide is an anti-oxidant and can be used as a mild astringent and antiseptic to treat and relieve moist, painful and itchy skin conditions. It is commonly used in sunscreen formulations because it is able to absorb both UVA and UVB ultraviolet light.



L’oxyde de zinc non micronisé est un produit inerte non biologique, insoluble dans l’huile ou l’eau, mais restera plutôt en suspension pendant de longues périodes, mais il sera toujours, éventuellement «régler». Souvent utilisé comme un écran solaire et comme colorant dans les cosmétiques et les produits pharmaceutiques. Utiliser à 1% à 5% dans les lotions, etc.

L’oxyde de zinc USP a une taille de particules de 99,99% passant par un tamis de 325 mailles (44 microns). Cela signifie que plus de 99,99 % des particules seront inférieures à 44 microns.

L’oxyde de zinc est utilisé dans les cosmétiques, comme un pigment et un agent de gonflement (remplissage.) Communément utilisé dans les savons de bain, poudres pour bébés, crèmes pour éruptions cutanées, lotions pour bébés, onguents pour les brûlures, lotion calamine et applications de maquillage minéral. L’oxyde de zinc apaise, protège et aide à guérir la peau. L’oxyde de zinc est un anti-oxydant et peut être utilisé comme un astringent doux et antiseptique pour traiter et soulager les conditions humides, douloureuses et démangeaisons de la peau. Il est couramment utilisé dans les formulations de crème solaire parce qu’il est capable d’absorber à la fois la lumière ultraviolette UVA et UVB.

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9 reviews for Zinc Oxide – USP

  1. Alex

    Great for making all natural sunscreen. Amazing product for an unbeatable price.

  2. Darlene

    this is a must have in soap making works great in my special people bars a little hard to mix in but does come around.

  3. Claudine

    Parfait pour concevoir un écran solaire tout naturel. Merci SB!

  4. Desiree

    great product, easy to use and works for various products i make.

  5. Shannon

    I am very pleased with the zinc oxide I ordered. It has turned into a lovely sunscreen that appears to be working well. The company was good to work with and very kind during pick up at the factory.

  6. Ashley

    Great product and great price – would definitely recommend it for DIY sunscreen!

  7. Catherine

    I’ve used this product to make a cream foundation. I’m looking forward to make my own sunscreen and try it out in the summer!

  8. Lisa

    I use this Zinc Oxide for some diaper cream that I made this morning and it is amazing! I was able to achieve the correct consistency of the cream when adding this. Can\’t wait until I make some sunscreen lotion in the next couple of weeks! This will definitely be a great addition to my product!

  9. Julie

    Great price, packaging and product! I use it in all my summer lipbalms, lotions, etc.

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