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INCI Terms for Saponified Oils

Soap IngredientSaponified INCI Term
(Saponified with Sodium Hydroxide)*
Almond OilSodium Almondate
Apricot Kernel OilSodium Apricot Kernelate
Avocado OilSodium Avocadate
Babassu OilSodium Babassate
Beef TallowSodium Tallowate
Borage OilSodium Boragate
Canola OilSodium Canolate
Castor OilSodium Castorate or Sodium Ricinoleate
Cocoa ButterSodium Cocoa Butterate
Coconut OilSodium Cocoate
Corn OilSodium Cornate
Cottonseed OilSodium Cottonseedate
Crisco ShorteningSodium Soybeanate, Sodium Palmate
Emu OilSodium Emuate
Grapeseed OilSodium Grapeseedate
Hazelnut OilSodium Hazelnutate
Illipe ButterSodium Illipe Butterate
Kukui Nut OilSodium Kukuiate
LardSodium Lardate
Macadamia Nut OilSodium Macadamiate
Mango ButterSodium Mango Butterate
Neem OilSodium Neemate
Olive OilSodium Olivate
Palm OilSodium Palmate
Palm Kernel OilSodium Palm Kernelate
Peach Kernel OilSodium Peach Kernelate
Peanut OilSodium Peanutate
Rice Bran OilSodium Ricate
Safflower Oil SoapSodium Safflowerate
Sesame OilSodium Sesamate
Shea ButterSodium Shea Butterate
Soybean OilSodium Soybeanate
Stearic AcidSodium Stearate
Sunflower OilSodium Sunflowerate
Sweet Almond OilSodium Almondate
Walnut OilSodium Walnutate
Wheat Germ OilSodium Wheatgermate

*For Potassium Hydroxide, substitute the word Potassium, for Sodium.

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  • Hello,
    I would like to ask for INCI therms for saponified Vegetable oil (EU: Olus Oil).
    Kind Regards,
    Petra Floriánová.

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