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Shaving Cream Stick Recipe

2 lbs Foaming Bath Whip
1 – 1.5 oz Refined Shea Butter
Essential/Fragrance Oil to taste
Lotion bar tubes or jar with shaving brush

Measurements by Weight not Volume

For approximately 10-12 “sticks” of shaving soap


  1. Cream Foaming Bath Whip on LOW setting until it is creamed but still firm.
  2. Melt shea butter
  3. Add essential/fragrance oil to melted shea butter
  4. Add shea butter to the foaming bath butter base on the lowest setting of the hand mixer. It should resemble a marshmallow cream.
  5. Place mixture into an icing bag (zip-lock baggie) and pipe it into lotion stick containers. Let cool and label.

To use, simply dial up about 1/4 inch and apply a thin film to a wet face, then use fingertips to *froth* it into a foam. If you prefer not to use the *stick* you could package this in a jar with a shaving brush.

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