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Saffire Blue’s African Black Soap is imported from a Fair Trade Village in Africa that supports both woman and children. The African Black Soap is made from Cocoa pods plus plantain peels, burnt to potash. This potash is added to water and boiled and all impurities filtered after boiling based on specific volumes. They then melt 45% Shea Butter, 30% Coconut Oil and 25% Palm Kernel Oil which is added to the filtered solution. The mixed content is then boiled, which becomes foamy and hardened. The hardened soap is scooped out and dried on platforms for extra solidification.

You can cut the soap into smaller pieces with a kitchen knife or handheld soap cutter. The soap will soften in high heat, and can be melted in a double boiler for re-batch soap making.  Please note that this soap will soften to a moldable state, not to a pourable, liquid state.

To use, simply take a small piece of soap, mix in your hand or on a washcloth with water, and bathe as desired. African Black Soap lathers extremely well, so a small amount lasts a very long time.

This product is for use for both body and hair.  For great tips on how to use African Black Soap, check out our blog: African Black Soap – the Miracle Soap for Hair & Skin Care

Ingredients: Sodium Shea Butterate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Coconut Carbon

Country of Origin: Ghana

Please note:  Our African Black Soap does not ship in bars as pictured.  Soap piece sizes may vary from small to large chunks.

The black soap I received is in small chunks. How do I form bars of black soap, as shown in the product photo?

  1. Grate the entire batch of African black soap. The soap should be dry before attempting to grate. Grating wet soap can lead to a mess. If you do not have a cheese grater, try shaving the soap with a sharp knife. The smaller or thinner the pieces of soap, the easier it is to rebatch.
  2. Fill a sauce pan with water and bring to a boil.
  3. Add the soap shavings into a boil-safe bag and seal tightly. Place the bag in the boiling water and leave for 20 minutes or until the soap is melted.
  4. Empty the melted soap into a soap mold. Leave the soap in the mold for approximately three days. If you do not have a soap mold, let the melted soap cool until it is comfortable to touch, then mold with your hands.




Le savon noir africain de Saffire Blue est importé d’un village de commerce équitable en Afrique qui soutient à la fois la femme et les enfants. Le savon noir africain est fabriqué à partir de gousses de cacao ainsi que des pelures plantain, brûlées à la potasse. Cette potasse est ajoutée à l’eau et bouillie et toutes les impuretés filtrées après l’ébullition en fonction de volumes spécifiques. Ils font ensuite fondre 45% de beurre de karité, 30% d’huile de noix de coco et 25% d’huile de palmiste qui est ajouté à la solution filtrée. Le contenu mixte est ensuite bouilli, qui devient mousseux et durci. Le savon durci est cueilli et séché sur des plates-formes pour une solidification supplémentaire.

Vous pouvez couper le savon en petits morceaux avec un couteau de cuisine ou un coupeur de savon portatif. Le savon ramollira à feu vif, et peut être fondu dans une chaudière double pour la fabrication de savon re-batch. Veuillez noter que ce savon ramollira à un état moutable, et non à un état liquide et versable.

Pour l’utiliser, il suffit de prendre un petit morceau de savon, mélanger dans votre main ou sur une linge avec de l’eau, et se baigner comme désiré. Le savon noir africain s’enrouise extrêmement bien, donc une petite quantité dure très longtemps.

Ce produit est pour une utilisation pour le corps et les cheveux. Pour de superbes conseils sur la façon d’utiliser le savon noir africain, consultez notre blog: African Black Soap – le savon Miracle pour les cheveux – Soins de la peau
Ingrédients: Beurre de karité de sodium, cocotrée de sodium, kernelate de palmier de sodium, carbone de noix de coco

Pays d’origine: Ghana


S’il vous plaît noter: Notre savon noir africain ne fonctionne pas dans les bars comme illustré. La taille des morceaux de savon peut varier de petits à grands morceaux.

Le savon noir que j’ai reçu est en petits morceaux. Comment former des barres de savon noir, comme le montre la photo du produit ?

  1. Râper tout le lot de savon noir africain. Le savon doit être sec avant d’essayer de râper. Le grating du savon humide peut entraîner un gâchis. Si vous n’avez pas de râpe à fromage, essayez de raser le savon avec un couteau pointu. Plus les morceaux de savon sont petits ou plus minces, plus il est facile de se rembater.
  2. Remplir une casserole d’eau et porter à ébullition.
  3. Ajouter les copeaux de savon dans un sac à ébullition et sceller hermétiquement. Placer le sac dans l’eau bouillante et laisser reposer 20 minutes ou jusqu’à ce que le savon soit fondu.
  4. Vider le savon fondu dans un moule à savon. Laisser le savon dans le moule pendant environ trois jours. Si vous n’avez pas un moule à savon, laissez le savon fondu refroidir jusqu’à ce qu’il soit confortable à toucher, puis mouler avec vos mains.
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39 reviews for African Black Soap

  1. Stephanie

    I had read about this stuff online. Everything was true. It smells great and feels great. I now use this stuff for my face, to shave my legs and on my hair if it needs extra moisture and to tame frizz. I only bought one pound of it and a little does go a long way. I think my stash will last just under a year even with this high level of use.

  2. Claudette

    It cleared up my arms in a week. My face has never felt cleaner. I really love it… that I’m buying more to give to my daughter/sons. No fragrance and a true feeling of clean. You will not regret buying this soap.

  3. Stephanie

    LOVE, love, love this soap! It cleans without drying and boy does it lather! My skin is clean and balanced better than with commercial facial cleansers.This will be a personal staple as well as a permanent addition to my product line!

  4. Rina

    Got this for a customer of mine and she loved it. She was looking everywhere and i was so glad i could get it here fir her. I also love the fact that its fair trade and goes back to help the community it was made in.

  5. Josee

    I bought this to try as I’ve been looking for a non-drying soap due to my eczema. You really don’t need much and I found my skin wasn’t immediately dried out as with other soaps. Combined with my homemade body cream, I’m already seeing an improvement!

  6. Jenny

    Cannot live without this product. Really set my natural company apart from the rest with this unique soap

  7. Lisa

    Interesting product, it has a smoky soapy scent which is not unpleasant. The soap itself is broken into small pieces. You only need a tiny piece as it lathers quite well. I used this on my face and I found that it left my skin clean without over drying but it did sting a tiny bit if I lathered up more than once. To use on the body I recommend taking a piece and working it into a wash cloth. I have also used this as a shaving soap and it worked well.

  8. Danielle

    the product was in much smaller bits than I expected, but I am going to try to melt it down into bars. Really like the earthy smell.

  9. yar

    i am beyond pleased with this soap, it lathers wonderfully and it is not drying unlike other soaps i have used before.i will be ordering more.

  10. France

    Se savon il est excellent pour l’exéma,psoriasis et les cheveux gras même a très gras style huileux…don non idéal pour le cheveux fin comme moi et sec lol…par contre mes clientes et client qui on on gros problèmes de peau l,adore et depuis je l,achetè en plus grosse quantité au lieux en grammes maintenant je les recommander en kilos et de plus sa fonte au bain mari avec certain de mes mélange sa donne aussi un bon bain moussant liquide ou scrub en crême facial pour la peau grâce wow merci Saffire Blue une gamme de plus dans ma boutique au Québec http://www.Aura-Ly.ca bonne visite car la majorité de mes ingrédients provienne de belle entreprises bio au canada.Ont.un de mes fournisseur préférer merci a vous une cliente fidèle 🙂

  11. Jennifer

    Absolutely love this product! By far the most amazing face wash I have ever used and all of my customers love it and keep ordering more!

  12. christa

    This soap lathers easily and leaves your face soft and clean feeling. I love how it is made. It did look like a strange mess in the bag but I took a piece and molded it in my hands to try it out. I would definitely recommend this and purchase again.

  13. Heather

    This soap is amazing. I’m going to try to melt it and filter it to remove some of the particles as I have very sensitive skin. I have never found a soap that is moisturizing and doesn’t irritate my skin. Thank you for offering this soap. Please don’t discontinue it.

  14. Tessa

    I love this soap! It keeps my skin clean and clear. It is the only thing I use to wash my face with now.

  15. pat

    OKAY! very interesting soap from very hard working women, I really love the 45% shea butter and use this soft soap as my shaving bar! luv it! and thanks SB for the great price. Cheers Pat

  16. Ella

    Really love this soap. I use it as a base for my face / body wash. Thank you Saffire for carrying these good quality products.

  17. Kimberly

    I placed my first, but not last, order of this recently. It is a fabulous product for use as a face wash or for shaving with its thick lather. I melted it down and put it into bar molds. Even half of a bar is lots and will last a long time!

  18. Amy

    Honestly, when I opened the soap I was intimidated on how to use it since it was more like little bits of soap in the bag. But I grabbed a small chunk and lathered it up and found that this soap is amazing. It lathers wonderfully, so I used it as a shave cream and didn’t get razor burn at all (which is an issue I have). I haven’t tried it on my hair yet, but have used it on my face and body and am very pleased with the results (no rashes or burning on my face or body). I love the fact that this soap is from a Fair Trade Village in Ghana as well.

  19. Jillian

    While it looks like absolute mess in the bag, this soap is incredible! I have only so far used just a tiny chunk for hand and face washing, but I’m excited about the possibility of re-batch soap making with it as well.

    Please don’t ever discontinue this. I love that I can use a soap that sisters across the world have made with such care and great ingredients. 🙂

  20. sandy

    I have never tried black soap before. I Iiquified it and have been using it as both body and face wash. It has a luxurious lather that leaves your skin beautifully moisturized. Im thrilled to have found such a great product.

  21. Nadia

    i absolutely love this product, I use it straight from the bag, diluted and add some essential oils for my clients. This is one of my favorite facial cleansers AND shampoo!

  22. Cath

    This is a great product for acne or sensitive skin. Saffire Blue best company for online soap making products and prices are very good!

  23. sheree

    This soap is amazing chemical free and leaves your skin feeling soft we don’t use anything else my boys even wash their hair with it

  24. Joanne

    Love this product! I was so happy to find it in this raw form and for such a great price. I use this different ways – pure in a bar for face, I add cocoa butter with it in a bar for body and also make a liquid soap from it. This product worked well for all applications. It came in a bag which was okay but I would have preferred it came in a container. Very minor complaint!

  25. Eva

    Great versatile soap base. I just form it into bars and it’s good to go for home use or gifting. Mild with a great lather.

  26. Tracey

    A best selling item in my shop, I adore the handmade quality of this genuine African Black Soap.

  27. Brenda

    This soap did not melt for me. I tried a double boiler. Would like helpful comments. Otherwise was happy. My husband likes it very much. I would prefer less scratchy bits in it. Does lather nicely.Otherwise happy with price and that we are able to find it here. Noticed price has gone up since my first purchasing African Black soap

  28. Cyndie

    Can’t stand the smell of this soap and had to put it in my garage.
    I should have researched it more before ordering.

  29. Natasha

    I found that this soap only softened regardless of what method I used to try to melt (double boiler, direct heat). This was frustrating as it affected how I planned to pour and cut it. However, the quality of this soap is outstanding. It has replaced my face soap, shampoo and body wash.

  30. Michelle

    I really wasn’t sure what to do with this soap after I got it but I crumbled it into a batch of CP soap and it created a lovely marbled look in the creamy colored base. Very happy with the outcome!!

  31. Simera

    This is such an amazing natural soap. I have super dry skin and I love how clean it makes my skin feel I like to grate it and let it sit in distilled water for a few days and it melts down perfectly. If you feel it’s drying you can add some jojoba oil or any oil of your choice. I wish the packaging was better though. It just comes a plastic bag.

  32. Eva

    Great product for all skin types. Nice lather and gentle bubbles with a mild natural fragrance.Can be used one small chunk at a time or molded into bars by softening.

  33. Alain

    Great soap, nice lather. Leave your hands very hydrated. Just one or two little rub is enough to wash your hands. A little goes a long way. Highly recommended!

  34. patricia

    I purchased this soap to rebatch but I cannot get it to liquify. have tried for close to 3 hrs and it will soften but not liquefy. their instructions made it sound so easy but so far I am very disappointed with it. I had hope to make homemade bars of African black soap as Christmas gifts. and their help line is not available on the weekends.

  35. Christa

    I am thinking of ordering this,in some of the reviews people complain about it not turning to liquid but in the product details, it specifically says it will not liquify but it is moldable. Some say they like the smell and one said she tossed it. What does this soap smell like?

  36. Cindy

    Great soap!!! I love how different this soap is from all other soaps. I did as they suggested. Stuck about 40 oz of the crumbly soap into one of those bags that you use to cook a turkey and placed it into simmering water. I let it sit in a very large pot and simmer this way with the lid on for about an hour. The soap only softened, but that was what I wanted it to do. I grabbed clumps of it and measured out 4 oz “blobs” and then started forming and compacting it in my hands. I created these great round balls of 4 oz soaps that look like rocks!
    What a great look for something that is fare trade and “raw”!!!
    Really lathers great too!

  37. Edy

    Wow! I have to admit that I was sceptical of this product but I am really glad I tried it. Appearances aside, I am really impressed with how soft it leaves my skin and hair. I love it!

  38. Victoria

    love this soap! Comes in a bag and its all crumbly pieces. the instructions say to heat it in a double boiler to make it moldable. I honestly just grated the big chunks and left the small pieces and crumbs as is and microwaved it for 30 seconds till you see some of it bubble and it became super moldable and i pressed it into my mold. as a result i got very hard bars and it actually worked out so much better than all the mess and hassle trying to bag it and boil it the first time.

  39. bodiliciousproducts (verified owner)

    Leaves skin and hair soft and non-stripping.

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