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Beet Root Powder

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Beet Root Powder, Beta vulgaris Beet Root Powder can be used to contribute natural colour to a wide range of recipes and formulas. In powdered formulations, Beet Root Powder will add a lovely tint of red-violet. When added directly to oil based formulas, such as scrubs, Beet Root Powder will yield a deeper tint of violet-red. Beet Root Powder can also be infused in water or Oil, yielding a wide range of tints from red to violet. Recently regarded as a preventative for cancer – increasing immune system function. Beet root is high in many important minerals and micronutrients.

INCI: Beta Vulgaris (Beet) root Powder

  • Non-GMO
  • Method of Harvest: Commercial
  • Cups Per Pound: 3
  • Origin: USA
  • Plant Part Used: Root
  • Processing: Powder
  • Storage: Store in an airtight container away from direct light, heat and moisture
  • Appearance: Deep pink in color with no detectable odor.
  • Cosmetic: Add to beet root powder blushers and lip balms, adjusting the amount necessary to achieve the desired tint






Poudre de racine de betterave, Beta vulgaris Beet Root Powder peut être utilisé pour apporter une couleur naturelle à un large éventail de recettes et de formules. Dans les formulations en poudre, la poudre de racine de betterave ajoutera une belle teinte de rouge-violet. Lorsqu’elle est ajoutée directement aux formules à base d’huile, telles que les gommages, la poudre de racine de betterave donnera une teinte plus profonde de rouge violette. La poudre de racine de betterave peut également être infusée dans l’eau ou l’huile, produisant un large éventail de teintes du rouge au violet. Récemment considéré comme un préventif pour le cancer – l’augmentation de la fonction du système immunitaire. La racine de betterave est élevée dans de nombreux minéraux et micronutriments importants.

INCI: Beta Vulgaris (Beet) root Powder

  • non-OGM
  • Méthode de récolte: Commercial
  • Coupes par livre: 3
  • Origine: Etats-Unis
  • Pièce végétale utilisée : Racine
  • Traitement: Poudre
  • Stockage : Entreposez-le dans un contenant hermétique loin de la lumière directe, de la chaleur et de l’humidité
  • Aspect: Rose profond en couleur sans odeur détectable.
  • Cosmétique : Ajoutez à la poudre de racine de betterave blushers et baumes pour les lèvres, en ajustant la quantité nécessaire pour réaliser la teinte désirée


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10 reviews for Beet Root Powder

  1. Begona

    Is a great powder with a awesome palette and very healthy to use in your soaps.

  2. Kyla

    Beautiful colouring when added to cold process soap and great for your skin.

  3. Louise

    If you’re going to use this powder in cp soap, keep in mind that it produces a tan/light brown colour. I use it for its benefits on skin.

  4. Mary

    Excellent powder for coloring. I used this in my lip balms, nice subtle color but you have to make sure you add enough. And with powders, adding them to liquids, you have to infuse them first. Very pleased with this purchase!

  5. Julia

    Great natural colourant for soaps! Also comes in a very convenient packaging!

  6. jennifer

    Amazing price! It is such a beautiful color I can’t wait to use it as a blush & make lip balm with it!

  7. Sarah

    Great product and price. Used in lip balms and creams. Also if you infused this in olive oil and add to your CP soaps, it will not turn yellow and keep a nice reddish colour

  8. Claire

    Makes a nice pinky color when added into my scrubs and body butters. Not the best to work with though. It is very lumpy so I have to sieve it before use and even then I find tiny lumps that don’t mix well.

  9. Bev

    A lot more powder than I thought would come in the package for 75 grams! Works lovely in lip balms, but is quite grainy in something like a lip gloss. Smells ‘beet-y’ of course, but that doesn’t come through in the finished product. Love it!

  10. Tracey

    Smells delicious, and the colour is scrumptious. After making this purchase however, I realized that beets can be genetically modified, so my next purchase will be for GMO-free beet root powder. I hope Saffire Blue can offer it.

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