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Name: Patchouli oil, Dark, China
Species: Pogostemon cablin Benth. (P. patchouli Pellet), fam. Lamiaceae (Labiatae)
Part: Leaf
Method: Steam Distilled
Country: China

Description: Patchouli is a very fragrant herb with soft oval leaves and square stems. It grows from 2 to 3 feet in height and provides an unusual odor that is nonetheless characteristic of patchouli when the leaves are rubbed.The colour of the patchouli oil is affected by the distillation machine. If distillation is done in a stainless steel vessel the colour of the oil will be light, but if done in an iron vessel the colour will be darker.

Colour: Golden orange to dark reddish brown viscous liquid.

Common Uses: Patchouli is recognized by aromatherapists as being effective for combating nervous disorders, helping with dandruff, sores, skin irritations and acne. The specific properties include use as an antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic, antimicrobal, antiphlogistic, antiseptic, antitoxic, antiviral, aphrodisiac, astringent, bactericidal, carminative, deodorant, digestive, diuretic, febrifuge, fungicidal, nerving, prophylactic, stimulating and tonic agent. In the perfumery industry, it is interesting to note that Patchouli improves with age, and that the aged product is what is preferred over freshly harvested. In aromatherapy, Patchouli is an excellent fixative that can help extend other, more expensive oils.

Consistency: Thick

Note: Base

Strength of Aroma: Medium

Blends well with: Sandalwood, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Rose, Orange, Cassia, Myrrh and Opoponax

Aromatic Scent: Patchouli has a warm, earthy aroma with fresh fruit like tones.

Essential oils in sizes 30 ml or larger are not packed with dropper lids.



Nom: Patchouli oil, Dark, China

Espèces: Pogostemon cablin Benth. (P. patchouli Pellet), fam. Lamiaceae (Labiatae)
Partie: Feuille
Méthode: Distillé à la vapeur
Pays: Chine

Description: Patchouli est une herbe très parfumée avec des feuilles ovales douces et des tiges carrées. Il pousse de 2 à 3 pieds de hauteur et fournit une odeur inhabituelle qui est néanmoins caractéristique du patchouli lorsque les feuilles sont frottées. La couleur de l’huile de patchouli est affectée par la machine de distillation. Si la distillation se fait dans un récipient en acier inoxydable, la couleur de l’huile sera légère, mais si elle est faite dans un récipient en fer, la couleur sera plus foncée.

Couleur : Orange doré au liquide visqueux brun rougeâtre foncé.

Utilisations courantes: Patchouli est reconnu par les aromathérapeutes comme étant efficace pour lutter contre les troubles nerveux, aider avec des pellicules, des plaies, des irritations de la peau et de l’acné. Les propriétés spécifiques incluent l’utilisation comme antidépresseur, anti-inflammatoire, anti-émetic, antimicrobien, antiphlogiste, antiseptique, antitoxique, antiviral, aphrodisiaque, astringent, bactéricide, carminatif, déodorant, digestif, diurétique, febrifuge, fongicide, nerveux, prophylactique, stimulant et agent tonique. Dans l’industrie de la parfumerie, il est intéressant de noter que Patchouli s’améliore avec l’âge, et que le produit vieilli est ce qui est préféré à fraîchement récolté. En aromathérapie, Patchouli est un excellent fixatif qui peut aider à étendre d’autres huiles plus chères.

Cohérence: Épais

Note: Base

Force de l’arôme: Moyen

Se marie bien avec: Bois de santal, Bergamote, Bois de Cèdre, Rose, Orange, Cassia, Myrrhe et Opoponax

Parfum aromatique: Patchouli a un arôme chaud et terreux avec des fruits frais comme des tons.

Les huiles essentielles de tailles de 30 ml ou plus ne sont pas emballées avec des couvercles de goutte.

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22 reviews for Patchouli Essential Oil

  1. Peggy

    Patchouli is fast becoming one of my favorite scents and I really really love the scent of this one. I pared it with Vanilla Bean FO and Lavender Essential Oil in a batch of hot process soap and it smells wonderful. I love Lavender/Vanilla on its own but the Patchouli gives it an extra depth that is just lovely.

  2. Wendy

    I am a natural perfumer and I have been around a lot of patchouli. Saffire Blue has THE best patchouli I have yet to encounter. Definitely a must buy!!!

  3. Kyla

    Patchouli is most definitely my favorite, and Saffire Blue has a wonderful patchouli essential oil. I use it in a variety of products from cold process soap to solid perfumes.

  4. Kelly

    Love this fragrance oil, combined beautifully with clary sage and creates a fresh, light almost masculine scent, my son described it as green tea.

  5. Don & Tina

    This is my favorite aroma, and the price was better here than the competitor, so we will be back for this one.

  6. Robin

    Patchouli is a scent that has to be fresh or it just comes off smelling like dirt. This is hands down the best I’ve ever tried. I use patchouli in 85% of my products so the essential oil HAS to be clean and fresh.
    Good Job guys and thanks!

  7. Mary

    The scent was nice and not too strong. Worked well in a coconut oil based deodorant.

  8. Tina

    If producing an earthy and well received scented product, Saffire Blue’s Patchouli Essential Oil is it. It creates a warm and inviting cold processed soap with no loss of scent whatsoever. A great addition indeed.

  9. Julia

    Amazing leafy scent, very strong but has very good benefits for the skin!

  10. Layne

    Strong aromatics! A little of this goes a long way. We use it in soap.

  11. Valerie

    One of my all time favorite EO…pairs well with so very many other oils and it is a great strength…great for HP and CP. This will be a staple in my soap making from now on.

  12. Geneviève

    Parfume extrêmement bien les savons. Il n’en faut pas beaucoup pour avoir un bon résultat.

  13. Jocelyne

    This essential oil is my favorite in making soaps. Clients just love the smell of Patchouli and is the most popular. Very good price!!

  14. Tammy

    Spicy and exotic. Great for men and women whom want something a little different.

  15. Sherri

    Patchouli also goes great with lemongrass! I use both scents in my CP hemp soap, and it smells fantastic.

  16. sam

    such a warm and calming scent. I use this in my hair and get a little hint of it through out the day.

  17. Guy

    Patchouli is one of my favorite essential oil. I blend it with lavender when I make CP soap, it’s fabulous!

  18. Lisa

    Smells great!!!! Wish they came with some kind of dropper top.

  19. Carrie

    Patchouli isn’t one of my favorite EO’s however I bought this to make a soap loaf for a custom order. It is a nice quality EO as all others I have ordered and I do think I will keep a few bars for myself to try!

  20. Tara

    This is a lovely eo. Added to my staples and almost always included in my warm blends. Mixes so well.

  21. Tammy

    Patchouli is a little piece of India.I love exotic spices and this one is one of my staples.I even have people whom have never tried it for the first time and just love it.Great scent ,great price ,why not?

  22. Cierra

    Patchouli is one of my all time favourite scents! This one is quality and smells great! A warning if you don’t work with patchouli oil, it is a very deep yellow/brown, so may discolour soap!

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